Welcome to UNIPA

On the following pages, we invite you to learn more about our company and the services we are providing. We consider our website to be kind of a business card: So that you find us when you need us. Because what text and photos cannot convey, are our commitment and know-how, our straightforward manner and not least our pleasure to develop and implement effective solutions for our customers. If you personally get in touch with us, you will discover what makes us what we are: a reliable and powerful partner for industrial packaging and other thermoforming products.

Individual thermoforming solutions
Own design and toolmaking department




From production to distribution: thermoformed trays are often a good solution for the safe and efficient handling of products of different size and shape. [more]

Produkte-Verpackungen UNIPA


Packaging solutions from UNIPA allow the proper handling and safe transport of sensitive products. [more]

Produkte-Kunststoff-Formteile UNIPA

Plastic components

Coverings of electrical equipment, tubs for laboratory, bird protection caps on electricity pylons: Our plastic components are as diverse as the customer requests addressed to us. [more]